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A simpler way to increase profits by managing recipes and food costs

Food Costing

Increase your profit by ensuring that every item on your menu is priced appropriately.

Nutrition Analysis

Meet consumer demand and comply with menu labeling laws by calculating nutritional content.

Recipe Management

Ensure quality by capturing the details needed to monitor consistent production.

Inventory Management

Prevent waste by keeping an accurate inventory.

Add your recipes as menu items to see your food cost for every plate you serve.

MenuMax is your 24 hour online Kitchen Tool36

  • Food Costing based on the products you buy
  • Nutrition Analysis for your recipes
  • Menus that show food cost and nutrition
  • Inventory customized to your kitchen

View nutrition details and food costs based on your recipes and menu items

  • Experiment with new recipes and adjust pricing to your ideal food cost percentage
  • Remove low-performing items from your menu to improve profitability
  • Create detailed nutrition labels for every item on your menu
  • Reports for Menu Engineering and Nutrition Analysis

Maximize Your Profits

Watch our video and see how MenuMax can streamline menu management and increase your profits and sales.

About MenuMax

Originally founded in 1995, MenuMax has been focused on providing the best application for our customers while increasing their profits and saving them money. Our foodservice industry knowledge and customer service simplifies most back of house processes.

MenuMax is designed to grow with your business, providing access to multiple locations needed to run a growing business.

Price and Customer Support Information

All the features, One Price

MenuMax® is a simple way to increase profits by managing recipes and food costs. Application comes with customer support. Try it today.

$49.95 / month

  • Recipe Management
  • Menu planning
  • Food cost calculation
  • Archived menus
  • Unlimited nutrition analysis
  • Trustwell nutrient DB integration
  • Menu labeling laws compliance
  • Label generation
  • Order guide importer
  • Nutrition label printing

Customer Support

Answers to your questions about our product, sales, support or anything else MenuMax.

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